01 March 2013


Okay so we have more news about the Delirium TV series.
It seems like the choices for Julian and Alex are finally out and I'm not so sure about the latter.




Honestly. I'm not.

DAREN KAGASOFF as Alex Sheathes.
When it came to this. When it came to this decision..I wouldn't have minded waiting. I haven't ever seen Daren act, so I'm not entirely sure whether I'm okay with the idea of him playing Alex or not. He could be a good Alex or he could be a total disaster. But it's a given that this guy is not exactly who I pictured Alex as.

But we never know how things turn out. But as a total Delirium devotee. I feel that Delirium is practically ruined. First with Emma's decision and now maybe with his. I just can't see Emma Roberts as Lena. The only similarity between Lena and Emma is that they are both short. THAT'S ALL.
This decision is killing me.Killing me.

GREGG SULKIN as Julian Fineman.
He. He. He.

I actually like the decision. I've been stalking both of them in Tumblr and this guy..he's really really cute.
He has that innocent look to him that I find really endearing.
I'm kind of happy with how things have turned out. Atleast in this case. Honestly. I never could imagine Julian. But after it was announced that Gregg will be playing Julian, I was ecstatic because he sort of looks the part. (Unlike Emma who no way in hell looks like Lena. *mutters* )


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