07 June 2013

Monthly To Read List: June 2013

In May I made this list of the books I want to read and I managed to read 7 of them! I'm happy with the results and 3 of them were read during the Bout of Books read-a-thon. This month I'm going to try again and challenge myself to read more books on my shelves and read less new releases. I'm not abandoning new releases all together but I just need to control myself around them. I'm also going to read more NG/Edelweiss books too! I already read 2 egalleys in 3 days from this months to-be-archived books. Google Calendar is helping me keep track of archive dates otherwise I would forget all about them.

My TBR pile 
sorry for the dark photo, my camera is not working so I had to borrow my mum's which is super old

Actually, all of these books need to be read, including the ones in the background but these 9 in the front are the priority. 
Think I'm going to read Monstrous Beauty first, or even Ashes. I'm not sure. We'll see. 

June releases I'm going to read for sure


When You Were Here June 4th
Epilogue June 15th
One Tiny Lie June 11th
The Moon and More June 4th
Siege and Storm June 4th

Siege and Storm was dispatched today so I won't be getting it till late next week. I'll read these other June new releases on my laptop or on my Playbook if it starts opening my ebook files. It hasn't been opening files since March/April. :( 

I still want to read these two May new releases:

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