02 April 2013

Top Ten Tuesday #13

Top Ten Characters I Would Crush On If I Were Also A Fictional Character

  1. Caleb from The Opportunist- This guy is amazing. He's an alpha-male type of character who would do anything for the woman he loves and he's also british. Who doesn't love a man with an accent? 
  2. Warner from Shatter Me- My husband. He has a dickhead father which messed him up and he still manages to capture my heart. Wish I had a Warner by my side. 
  3. Adrian from VA and Bloodlines- One of my first book crushes. I know he wasn't a responsible person before but being with Sydney changed him and I'm now ready to steal him away. ;)
  4. Adam from Where She Went- Adam kills me with his words every time I think about him and he's a musician. 
  5. Cassel from White Cat- He is one of my recent discoveries. He's cool, sort of you-can't-touch-me characters who can also pick locks. Adventure, here I come!
  6. Cricket from Lola and the Boy Next Door- Cricket my gentle sweet boy! He is a tall, quiet talented inventor who's been in love with the same girl since he was a boy. *sigh*
  7. Conrad from The Summer I Turned Pretty- I think Conrad is the third fictional character I had a crush on. He's mother had cancer so he was angry throughout the first two books and he changed completely in the third book which made me love him even more. I can't help it, I liked him even when he was mean. 
  8. Lucas from Easy- He has tattoos, great hair and will protect you from danger even if he doesn't know you. That's what a great guy does. 
  9. Etienne from Anna and the French Kiss- Stephanie Perkins sure knows how to write a good crushable character. St. Claire is a American who has a British accent and knows French. *dead*
  10. Tucker form Unearthly- Last but not least, I give you Tucker Avery. A cowboy who has a soft spot for girls with crazy hair. Hey,Tucker! That's me! Pick me! 


  1. I'm surprised that Tucker is so low on the list! :) But yeah Warner is your new boy :) Great list Zemy :)

  2. It's in no particular order. Well, the first 3 guys are my favorites but it should be Warner, Caleb and then Adrian.
    Warner is my man since Shatter Me. :)

  3. Lucas! I didn't list him on mine, but if I had to compile a longer list he would have been on it.

    Jessica @ Literary, etc

  4. Yay! Another Adam fan. Sometimes sappy lyrics can go so, so wrong but Adam manages to crack my heart. My TTT.

  5. I loooooove St. Clair. YAY! Also love Adam and just started to fall in love with Adrian after reading the Bloodlines series! I like him so much better there than in VA :)

  6. Adrian!!! I forgot to put him on my list :) But there are so many hot fictional characters to choose from. I need to read Easy, Lucas sounds hot.

  7. Tucker! I wasn't a fan of the last book, but Tucker is the best :D


  8. Great choices! I love Adam, Lucas, St. Clair, and Conrad!

  9. Stephanie Perkins is the queen of crushable guys! Both Cricket and Etienne made my list today too! :) I just love them both! Regarding your mention of Conrad, I'm actually a Jeremiah fan at heart. I haven't read the third book though so I don't know if I'll change my mind or not! :)

  10. Great list! I absolutely adore Cassel & Etienne!

    My TTT

  11. A list full of nomaliciousness! Just the thought of Conrad makes me all happy and sad at the same time because I miss him. And I love him. A lot of people have included Cricket on their lists, and I've yet to read that book. I read Stephanie Perkins's other book and now I want to meet Cricket!!

    My Top Ten! :)