02 December 2017

Monthy List: December 2017

In the spur of the moment- me being bored out of my mind; I wanted to create a list of notable books/graphic novels/movies/tv shows/music I want to check out in the upcoming month. This time, it's December.


Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills | December 5th
Immortal Reign by Morgan Rhodes | December 1st 

Emma Mills is a constant. You can always count on her to write contemporary versions of classics. 

I haven't read Crystal Storm (book 5) but I'm positive I'll get to it this month. This series has been a pleasant surprise. 

Graphic novels

White Sand Volume 2 by Brandon Sanderson | December 6th

I still need to read volume 1 but I will get to it. I haven't read it before mostly because I don't like to wait. 


Star Wars: The Last Jedi directed by Rian Johnson | December 15th
The Shape of Water directed by Guillermo del Toro | December 8th

Ya'll! I've been waiting for The Last Jedi for two years. I've been on the Star Wars tumblr tag ever since I've heard Adam Driver got the role. After The Force Awakens came out I got obsessed in record time and would read fan theories on the daily basis. 

The Shape of Water seems weird but I love weird. Metascore and early reviews have been positive which only makes me want to see it more. 

TV Shows

Runaways!!!! Even though the show premiered in late November I think I'll binge it in December. I've read the comics when they first came out so waiting a couple of more weeks till I get the chance to see it means nothing. And if you're a fan of Rainbow Rowell you'll be glad to hear she's writing the new chapters of this amazing story. The first 3 issues are already out so check them out. 

December releases are pretty underwhelming but I still have a new Star Wars episode. I'm just glad the wait is finally over.