A bit about me: My name is Zemira and I am a 25-year-old blogger and music lover from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I love to buy books, Tom Hiddleston, wear Converse shoes,color my hair in every shade of the rainbow and talk a lot about books and tv shows I'm watching. I mostly read YA but sometimes I need a good adult novel with smoking scenes to shake things up. 

Genre preference: My favorite genre is YA contemporary. I can never get tired of reading about normal people. I also adore adult urban fantasy novels where the detective work is impeccable and men are irresistible. From time to time I also enjoy a good dystopian, fantasy and occasional paranormal novel. 

Some of the favorite books: Jellicoe Road, Lola and the Boy Next Door, Stolen, The Storyteller, The Summer I Turned Pretty, Revolution, The Sea of Tranquility, Unravel Me, White Cat, The Dream Thieves, The Opportunist, How to Kill a Rock Star, Falling Under, Thoughtless and so on. My favorite series is still Vampire Academy. 

A bit about me: Hi! I'm Devyani and I'm from India. My music tastes come from random radio stations , daddy-old-rock and discoveries from movies and TV soap operas. I have this huge obsession of buying books and stalking Jim Parsons.(The guy who plays Sheldon Cooper.) I Love LOVE chocolates and am a huge talker. I could talk for hours and hours and not tire. YA books are my usual drug but I am known for my delirious escapades into the adult realm as well.

My favourite books: Jellicoe Road, Froi of the Exiles, Anna and the French Kiss, Angelfall, If Tomorrow Comes, The Hunger Games, Palace of Illusions, Unravel me, Where She Went, Crown of Midnight, Siege and Storm, etc.

Genre preferences: Mostly contemporary and fantasy YA. But I can read almost anything as long as it isn't a biography, autobiography or simply boring.

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