06 November 2017

Monthly List: November 2017

It's been a while since our last post, here on YA Fanatic. In the spur of the moment- me being bored out of my mind; I wanted to create a list of notable books/graphic novels/movies/tv shows/music I want to check out in the upcoming month. This time, it's November.


Renegades by 

Renegades' cover is giving me Tron vibes! Can't wait! I love my adventurous sci-fi novels! 

It's been a long, long time since I've read the Mara Dyer trilogy. Now, it's Noah's time! I am loving the cover as well! It makes me wonder in what kind of mess have these two gotten themselves into this time. I see ember flying around and heavy smoke. Hmmm... I smell danger. 

Unearthed ebook is coming out in November and the hardcopies are out in January 2018. Why? I have no clue. Maybe Goodreads librarian made a mistake during editing. I have been more into sci-fi books since late 2016 so I'm excited for this Unearthed

Red Rising Saga: Sons of Ares by Pierce Brown
Locke & Key Volume 1: Welcome to Lovecraft by Joe Hill
Southern Cross Volume 1 by Becky Clooonan

I've been neglecting my graphic novel collection this year so I'm trying to fix things by reading them more in November and December.

Sons of Ares is a prequel to the Red Rising Saga which blew me away in 2016, so if you've missed this, grab your copies. I'm still waiting for the full volume. It makes the reading so much easier and it's cheaper.

Next we have Locke & Key which is a popular graphic novel from 2003. I didn't get the chance to read it before Halloween but I haven't forgotten about it. It got onto my radar after I read about the Hulu pilot option. Hope it works out for this series this time since it was suppose to happen in 2011.

Image Comics is my fave comic publishing house and their titles speak to me the most so there's always going to be one of their comic on my to read list. This time it's Southern Cross, a space mystery.  I did read the first two issues when they first came out but stopped for some reason. I don't know why because the artwork and coloring are amazing. I especially like the way eyes are drawn. They are so full of life. Beautiful! 


Reputation by Taylor Swift | November 10th

Now, I'm not someone who sits around, waiting for an album to drop but I am waiting for this one. I've listened to all of Taylor's albums but the one that made me a true fan was 1989. I love that album so much. I think it has to be one of my all-time favorites. 

Science Fiction by Brand New

This is not a new album. It's been out since August but I recently discovered it and it's been on repeat since then. It's playing in my car, while I'm doing my chores and even when I'm cozy, in bed. It's sad to say goodbye to the band. 2018 will be their last active year. Brand New, thank you for 18 years of great music.