08 January 2018

Monthly List: January 2018

It's been a while since our last post, here on YA Fanatic. In the spur of the moment- me being bored out of my mind; I wanted to create a list of notable books/graphic novels/movies/tv shows/music I want to check out in the upcoming month. This time, it's January.


Iron Gold (Red Rising #4) by Pierce Brown | January 16th
Sightwitch (The Witchlands 0,5) by Susan Dennard | January 23rd
The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air #1) by Holly Black | January 2nd
Batman: Nightwalker by Marie Lu | January 2nd
Unearthed by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner | January 9th
Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman | January 9th

Whoa! So many hyped books are coming out this month. I don't even know if I'll have the time to read all those titles. Iron Gold, The Cruel Prince, Unearthed and Thunderhead are the ones I REALLY want to read. They're on the top of my list. Fingers crossed I read them by the end of this month. 

Graphic Novels

Wires and Nerve Volume 2 by Marissa Meyer | January 30th

05 January 2018

2017 Favorites

2017 flew by so fast! I can't believe it's already January! My birthday is in 14 days! I'm so excited!

I wanted to share some of my favorites of 2017. My interests haven't change much. I've always been attracted to sci-fi, superheroes and drama.

Movie Favorites

Based on the negative things going on in the world, I was afraid we were all going to be nuked and I wasn't going to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  It's definitely my favorite movie of the year. So many people weren't impressed with it-saying it's too different from the whole series but that's what I loved about it. Plus, there's Reylo, my OTP. I don't use that term loosely. Since I've seen The Force Awakens they've been all I can think about. Reylo is life! I hope no one steals my phone cause I have dedicated folders for Adam Driver, Reylo and Star Wars on there with an embarrassing number of images. 

I'd recommend you see all of those movies on my list but if you don't have the time to watch them all I suggest you watch Split, Baby Driver and It. I have a soft spot for Valerian as well-so underrated. 

TV Favorites

TV shows are getting better and better as the time goes by. This year I've been really into these shows. Dark is a German production and I would recommend it to Stranger Things fans. you can't go wrong with a Netflix production, in my opinion. Hulu has been stepping up and released Runaways and the award-winning The Handmaid's Tale. This wouldn't be a Zemira list without a CW show. This time it's Riverdale. As an avid Archie comics lover I am so happy this show exists. 

Book Favorites

2017 has been a year I discovered Alice Oseman. I have to say she has quickly become one of those authors who's work I will read. I have to give her props for writing about LGBT+ population, especially about my fellow asexuals. We are underrepresented in all media. While we're talking about asexuals, I have to mention Ormsbee's Tash Hearts Tolstoy. This book should not be missed! Also, check out Moxie if you are looking for girl power. 

Psychopaths, saints, space battles with and without giant robots, one wilderness life camp, soft winter girlfriends, cults, female assassins and virtual worlds also landed among my favorites. I am drawn to dark things by default. I can't help it. 

01 January 2018

Reading Goals: 2018

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a great start of the year! 2018 is already off with a great start for me because all I've been doing for the past day(January 1st) is reading and listening to audio books. 

I recently read this post on Riveted and was inspired to complete some of those goals myself. Even though I lost my passion for blogging a long time ago, I still want to do something fun and challenging. I will update this post on the regular as I go through the tasks.  

If you are wondering what are my goals, please continue reading. Some are already on the Riveted's list but I wanted to put some of my own.

1. Read a book with over 500 pages
2. Finish a series you've been meaning
3. Start a new series
4. Read the sequel
5. Re-read a favorite series
6. Re-read an old favorite
7. Read a book written by an author of color
8. Read a book starring a POC
9. Read a book starring an asexual character
10. Read a book with illustrations
11. Read a book out of your comfort zone(historical,retelling)
12. Read a book recommended by a friend
13. Read an anthology
14. Read a book written by a celebrity
15. Read a book with an upcoming adaptation
16. Read a book with an interracial relationship
17. Read a book with a curvy main character
18. Read all the books from an author you admire
19. Read a book featuring an interesting hobby (sports, arts, IT genius,etc.)
20. Read a book where all the plot happens in one day
21. Read a book with a beautiful cover
22. Read a book with an ugly cover
23. Read a book you never finished
24. Read a book written in verse
25. Read a book set in a boarding school
26. Read a long graphic novel
27. Read a book about a superhero
28. Read a book with a long title
29. Read a book with a huge tumblr following
30. Read a space opera

I didn't put books featuring heavy subjects such as mental illness, abuse, racial issues and religion because I already read those on the monthly basis. Realistic contemporary novels are my jam so this wouldn't be a challenge if they were on the list.