05 April 2013

Weekly Spotlight: Lea at Between Fantasy and Reality

This is a weekly meme hosted by Auntie Spinelli Reads . 

Meet Lea!
So how was it that you started reading YA novels or just simply novels in general?

I always loved reading, since I went to elementary school. I was helping at the library, checking books out for other kids so I was around books from early years and that is how my reading days began. I liked getting into imaginary worlds and meeting different personalities through pages of books and I never stopped loving it.

Which book are you reading currently? And how are you liking it?

I am currently reading Clockwork princess by Cassandra Clare and like everything that woman writes, I am loving it. I am trying to read it slow since it is the last one in the series.

What kind of books are you most into?

Urban fantasy and paranormal romance are my favorite genres, along with all types of YA.

 A book crush you wish was alive?

Daemon Black from The Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. That guy is hilarious and yummy. *sigh*

A book world you'd love to live in?

The world from The Hollows series by Kim Harrison. It has every creature I always loved.

Who is your favorite author?
Above mentioned Kim Harrison.The Hollows is my favorite series and Kim Harrison gets better with every book, and that is amazing as even the first book was awesome.

Do you have any specific book bloggers that inspire you?
Not really that inspire me, although there are a lot of blogs I love to read by amazing people.

Any author in specific you wish you met?

Jennifer L Armentrout, Darynda Jones and Kim Harrison. All amazing writers and who, if their books are any indication, are amazing and hilarious people.

A movie adaptation of a book you're totally excited about? 

City of Bones. I can't wait to see what did they do with one of my favorite books. And Delirium. 

What is the biggest turn off for you when you’re reading a book?

I dislike, very strongly, insta-love. Of course, there are a lot of books I liked with that component but insta-love really gets on my nerves.

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