16 April 2013

Book Review: Twisted Summer by Lucy V. Morgan

Twisted Summer

Book: Twisted Summer
Author: Lucy V. Morgan
File Type: eArc
Publisher: Self.
Release Date: 31st March 2013

Eighteen-year-old Danni Warren has big plans for her last summer before college: a cool job, a concert she wouldn’t miss for the world, and spending time with her beautiful girlfriend, Esme. But after one hell of an argument, Danni’s mother packs her off to stay with her estranged step-uncle, Gabe, in his lodge on the English coast. So begins a weekend of the worst punishment imaginable: no phone signal.

With his sun kissed good looks and sarcastic manner, twenty-nine-year-old Gabe Asher isn’t anything like Danni expected. She wants to hate him—he’s her punishment for standing up to her mother—but between surfing lessons and beach hikes, Gabe and Danni grow close. Maybe too close.

Now Danni’s questioning everything: old family secrets, her future, her strained relationship with Esme. One sun stained afternoon, Gabe and Danni go too far. And then everything else falls apart…

A very twisted read indeed.

I'd like to say that this book was awkward. And among many shades of awkward, it probably is the darkest shade of awkward.  

The synopsis is very intriguing. And I was drawn to this book the moment I came to know about it's existence. There is something about the whole concept of the book that makes me wonder about so many things. Do things like these happen in the real world? And if they do, then do the people involved get a happy ending after all? Does it take your not relative or step-whatever-relative to look like a total hottaay for you to fall into a lusty pit of ..you know, lust? If I have a hot step uncle who totally understands me and gets me, will I fall for him? Uh hell to the no. I'm trying to work out the mechanics here. How does one get into such a situation?

"You have to understand that we never meant for it to happen. We knew it was stupid. We knew it was wrong. "

Oh I don't care if it was wrong! I'm still trying to process HOW?

The world is indeed screwed up. And this book had some really powerful elements that could've been used and made awesome. Other than that I fairly have nothing to say.

I want to whine. I want to rant.

I want to scream and punch the female protag in this book.

I don't particularly care about other characters in the book , because they are insignificant. There are taboo romances that have been liked by people.
Hell,  I might've loved some of them. Or maybe not. What I'm trying to say is if you can't digest the romance and it feels totally off to you then there is nothing you can do about it. Danni's and Gabe's love story is so unnatural and unbelievable to me that in some places during the book , I was trying to control myself from throwing my Ipad away.

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