26 February 2013

Top Ten Tuesday # 9

Top Ten Authors That I'd Put On My Auto-Buy List 

  1. Richelle Mead- The first YA book I bought was Vampire Academy and after that it was a done deal. I will be always faithful to my Vampire Queen. 
  2. Tahereh Mafi- It was a gamble me buying Shatter Me but it turned out to be a huge win and I love her work so much 
  3. Melina Marchetta- Nuff said. 
  4. Stephanie Perkins- Her books always bring a smile to my face and warm my gold Capricorn heart. Love her! 
  5. Susan Ee- I spend a lot of money to that thin paperback copy of Angelfall so it's pretty obvious I would do anything to get her book in my hands. 

I feel kind of stupid right now because all my picks mirror Zemira's. All of them.

1. Melina Marchetta- Forever and always.
2. Tarryn Fisher- Lady. You can throw anything at me. ANYTHING. You gave us The Opportunist and as always, I want more.
3. Gayle Forman- Do you know what Adam's and Mia's story does to my heart? It sends my heart on a never ending sprint , that's what it does. And this year, you hit me again with Just One Day which by the way was totally awesome and you have no idea how ecstatic I am for Just One Year. :D
4. Richelle Mead- You created Adrian. I am forever grateful to you.
5. Karen Marie Moning- Hello Barrons. Hello Ryodan. Hello Dani. Bye Mac.
The fever series is one series I can literally gobble up even without thinking. I'm pretty sure I can read anything this woman throws at me.


  1. YAY! Melina's on both of your lists. She's such a goddess who needs nothing said. Glad to see her on your lists.

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  2. Y'all covered many of my favorite authors and many made my list as well. Others just missed.

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