05 February 2013

Top Ten Tuesday #6

Top Ten Best Bookish Memories

  1. Receiving Vampire Academy boxed set - You have to understand. Three years ago I wasn't big on buying book and I didn't have a lot of books lying around so when I got this set, everything changed. 
  2. Melina Marchetta sending me The Piper's Son - Well, Melina was giving away some foreign editions of her books and I got Slovenian edition of The Piper's Son. I've lived in Slovenia pretty much my whole childhood so reading it won't be a problem. And the Queen signed the book! Ahhh! 
  3. My first TBD order - It was Anna and the French Kiss. And since then I ordered over 100 books. :D 
  4. Better World Books - I discovered BWB in December last year and I love it so much. Not only you can find cheap older books but every time you order a book there, they donate one book to countries like Brazil to support literacy and other important causes. 
  5. The Opportunist- This book is my biggest obsession. I can't remember when was the last time I thought so much about the characters or when did I bother my friends to read a book with that persuasion intensity. My obsession level is very high. Like those crazy Twilight fangirls on the New Moon premiere. 

Sadly, I didn't get to go on books signings since there aren't any in Bosnia. 

    1. When I met Ruskin Bond- Ruskin Bond is an Indian author of British descent and he's known for
        writing many short stories. I practically grew up reading his short stories! So it was one of 

        my most precious and also embarrassing moments. Precious because he's totally awesome, 
        embarrassing because there was lot's of squealing and gasping!
    2. My first NG approval - This was actually a really amazing memory of mine. I started of in Netgalley
        as a person without a blog and any other connections, so there wasn't a publisher who accepted my  
        request. Obviously I knew why. but one day, my request accepted and I remember feeling so ecstatic 
        and happy!
    3. My first book order from an internet book site- Nowadays, I order my books from TBD,
        Amazon and Flipkart (An Indian organisation.) but there was once this time when I used to be really 
        afraid of ordering anything! but after that one time I finally gathered up my stupid guts and did it and
        today I order books like a maniac.
    4. Discovering a book by yourself- It's the moment of that amazingness when you discover a book
        and totally love it! The feeling is even better because this would be one of those days where you didn't
        need any hype or any recommendation to direct you towards a book. I think The Opportunist and
        Reason To Breathe were two such books.
    5. Sarah Alderson and Obsession with Alex twitter moment- There was once a time when I was
        addicted to twitter and was tweeting about nonsense day and night like a mad woman. At that time,/
        I had just finished reading Hunting Lila by Ms.Alderson and was so in love with Alex. That was a time
        when I was madly in love with guys who Alex as their first name. Perfect Chemistry and Delirium
        anyone? Anyhow, I had just posted how much I loved the name Alex and the guys with that name and
       that's when Ms. Alderson tweeted back!!!!! And we had this entire conversation where I kept on
       talking about how Alex was and she in turn matched up with my obsession. OMG.
       I think the fact that I loved her book and the fact that I really liked her writing and that she was really
       cool sent me into a total fangirl-maniac mode.


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