28 January 2013

Book Review: Up In Flames by Nicole Willams

Title: Up In Flames
Author: Nicole Willams
File type: Kindle
Release date: December 19th 2012
Genre: Adult, contemporary romance

One small town girl with a bright future. One smokejumper with a dark past. One summer that will forever change them both. They’re going . . .
Up In Flames. 

Elle’s life couldn’t possibly get any more small town than it already is. She was raised in the same home as the two generations before her were, her family owns the iconic downtown cafe, and she’s been dating the pastor’s son since she was allowed to go on her first date at sixteen. 
Cole’s life couldn’t possibly get any larger. He’s tried. Roaming from town to town for the past three summers as a smokejumper, Cole dreads the thought of putting down roots. The only thing he avoids more than that is settling down with one woman, especially when there are as many willing women as there are trees in the forest he jumps out of planes to save.
Elle Montgomery’s life is going one way. And Cole Carson’s is going the opposite. There’s no reason their paths should ever intersect, even in a small town in central Washington. 
But summer in the Methow Valley has other plans for Elle and Cole. After an awkward run-in at the local swimming hole, Elle tries to keep away from the guy who looks at her like she’s already lying beneath him in bed. She fails. Cole is about as successful at staying away from the girl who seems immune to his charms.
As the summer heats up, and tensions between Elle and Cole run high, he begins to realize there’s more he’s attracted to than Elle’s body, and she discovers there’s a lot more to the man that jumps out of planes into raging forest fires than meets the eye.

As far as I know there are two types of books about cheating: 

1. those who actually make me like the cheaters
2. those who make me want to burn them to ashes

and this book goes into the second category. 

Wow! What a load of crap. This girl(forgot her name right after I finished it-not a good sign)is acting like she was living in a freaking monastery where people aren't allowed to say things like rack,penis,f#*% and so on but she still goes to this lake for a naked swim. What the actual *beep*? And she cheats on her boyfriend! And she goes and tells the cheater he 'made' her moan in disgust! I mean,what is wrong with her?! I hate this kind of wannabe goody two shoes characters. I am so mad! Ugh! And this new guy is not any better than her. He comes into this story like Hey,baby. I've seen your pubic hair and I know you want your hand all over my godlike body but then starts acting like a jealous schoolgirl sleeping and groping other women in front of this saint idiot. 

I don't know how can people write this stuff. And it has such a high rating. Whaaat? O_o I am scared for humanity,I really am.


  1. I'll pass, yes. I trust your review (which is so right to the point) and our similar taste in books!


  2. Ranty reviews are my speciality. I should rename the blog YA Ranter. xD