10 December 2012

Book Review: The Almost Truth by Eileen Cook

Title: The Almost Truth
Author: Eileen Cook
File type: ebook
Release date: December 4th, 2012
Genre: YA, Contemporary, Realistic

From the author of Unraveling Isobel and The Education of Hailey Kendrick, a smart, romantic novel about a teenage con artist who might be in over her head. 
Sadie can’t wait to get away from her backwards small town, her delusional mom, her jailbird dad, and the tiny trailer where she was raised…even though leaving those things behind also means leaving Brendan. Sadie wants a better life, and she has been working steadily toward it, one con at a time.
But when Sadie’s mother wipes out Sadie’s savings, her escape plan is suddenly gone. She needs to come up with a lot of cash—and fast—or she’ll be stuck in this town forever.
With Brendan’s help, she devises a plan—the ultimate con—to get the money. But the more lies Sadie spins, the more she starts falling for her own hoax…and perhaps for the wrong boy. Sadie wanted to change her life, but she wasn't prepared to have it flipped upside down by her own deception. With her future at stake and her heart on the line, suddenly it seems like she has a lot more than just money to lose....

The Almost Truth was the first Eileen Cook book I’ve read so I didn’t know what to expect. Cover and synopsis are deceiving. I thought it will be something like Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott and Heist Society by Ally Carter but the whole storyline was revolving around Sadie’s identity and finally accepting herself.

Sadie’s lived with her mum in a trailer park hoping that she will escape her miserable life when she goes to college in the fall but after her mum spent the money she was saving for college she starts to plan to go through a con that will get her a lot of cash. So, mum spent her money on lawyer who was trying to get her con artist father out of prison. Well, we shouldn’t be calling him an artist, after all, he did get caught.

At first I didn’t like Sadie’s mum but after we see what she went through while Sadie’s dad was in prison I changed my mind and she was actually the only character that had personality. Others had these typical roles-best friend/boyfriend, snobbish rich guy…

This book had its twists and turns. Right after we learn the truth from Sadie’s mum I totally didn’t expect finding out something else entirely from her dad.  All in all, it was enjoyable. 

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