17 December 2012

Bloggy News-Follow up.

Because Zemmy is the rabbit and I , the tortoise.

This week was wonderful and also in easier words , fucked up.
As I told you all the last time , My credit card had been taken away from me because of my shopoholic tendencies that seem to take over me now and then. BUT guess what ? GOOD NEWS! I got it back and to treat myself , I indulged in a little shopping spree.

I usually spend all my money on books , so this time I made sure I bought myself some decent clothes.
But you can't take the book out of a bookworm so I sneaked in A Million Suns by Beth Revis and The Book Thief by Markus Zusak for my personal happiness.

I've had A Million Suns with me for a long time now but that was in ebook form. When I saw the paperback , I knew that I had to get it even though I already had it in my kindle. I know I should be happy but different cover designs of books tend to irritate me. I'm a huge freak when it comes to this. I was in a similar situation when I ended up with the UK cover version of Insurgent and not the US one which was similar to my copy of Divergent.

The Book Thief was one book I always had fancied but never got a chance to buy. But now that I have it! I am more than excited. Also isn't Markus Zusak a tad cute? :D

Now as you may recall I also said that this week was fucked up?
That's because I also lost my freaking phone.
My phone was my baby. I had everything in it. And now..it's not there.
SO..now I'll have to save some for buying myself a new phone. DRAT!

Along with many other things! This week , for me , began with the Navy Ball!
Every year on the 4th of december we have the Indian Navy Day and it's a grand event which last about a week. Around this time we have this extravagant evening hosted by the Navy. This evening is basically a ball called the Navy Ball and it's one in a million.And I got to be a part of it this year!
It was so beautiful , I can't even begin to tell you all how giddy I am , even when I think about!
There were all these beautiful women wearing beautiful dresses and gowns and all those proud officers of the Navy in their ceremonial attire and well , me being a defense kid got to be a part of it and just enjoy it.

Here are some pictures :)

that's Sunidhi Chauhan , a very celebrated Bollywood Singer.

another one of her!
Neeraj Sridhar!

Neeraj Sridhar! Another one of Bollywood's celebrated singers and also part of the band , Bombay Vikings!

the crowd in general.

This was me with my bestfriends who flew all the way for the ball!
Yeah.We climbed the stage like idiots.

 So that's all for this week! Happy Reading you all ! Happy Holidays :)