05 January 2014

January 2014 TBR pile

I've been slacking but not in a general sense of slacking. I have been reading. Just not the right kind of books.

My eARC pile has grown over the past couple of months. I send requests like a mad woman and when I get approved, the poor books just get stuffed on my tablet. I got a new, shiny Kindle just a week ago so I've been adding NG and Edelweiss on my auto-approved contacts list and transferred all of my still active egalleys.

I divided the pile into 2 groups. The eARCs and sequels coming out this months to make things easier for me.


I know there are a lot of them. Hope I'll get through them fast because I don't really want to leave them 'for later' which means never. I've already read The Promise of Amazing. Didn't like it and never wrote a review.Still need to read The Madman's Daughter and only after I finish with it I will be able to read Her Dark Curiosity. *sigh* I have so much work ahead of me.  

Sequels & Conclusions 

Into the Still Blue made it to the second group too. I wanted to read this sooner. I got approved sometime in late August or September but the time just flew. Can't wait for Evertrue and Unhinged. Everbound and Splintered were among the first 4 books I've read this year. Everbound review should be up on Monday. Not sure if I'm going to write a review for Splintered. We'll see.. 

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  1. The Promise of Amazing and Darkest Fear were two that I had to abandon in the end, as I couldn't get into them. I was really looking forward to both titles too. :( But I hope Darkest Fear works better for you. I'm really excited about Evertrue, as I enjoyed the first two books. And Into the Still Blue is simply brilliant. Enjoy!