04 January 2014

Best Books of 2013

Happy New Year, lovely people! Hope you had a great time and didn`t spent it in front of my laptop watching The Hobbit like I did. I know we`re 4 days into January and it`s a bit late for this list but since I missed the Top Ten Tuesday`s top 10 of 2013 I figured it wouldn`t hurt to make this post anyway.

41 books I read in 2013 got a 5 star rating. This is actually a huge deal for me since I only gave 27 5 stars in 2012. The longest book I read this year was Monsters by Ilsa J.Bick with 688 pages. I read that trilogy back to back which wasn`t as hard as I initially thought it would be. Note: Ashes had 480 pages, Shadows 528.

Best YA contemporary

Best adult new adult

Best paranormal / urban fantasy

Best dystopia

Best book of 2013

Whenever someone asked me what my favorite book of 2013 was, they always got the same response. It was a book I couldn`t wait to get into my hands because I loved everything about the first novel and the short story. The main character, the prose, the romance and the villain who actually isn`t a real villain. I`m pretty sure the author can`t do wrong with me, unless she kills of my man. Then we`ll have a BIG problem. 

It`s Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi. I mean, this lady! She`s my favorite author. Yep, she`s surpassed Richelle Mead. I love her that much. Tahereh created my flawed King Warner. Adam`s ass should just give up. There`s just no way he has a future with Juliette. Meanwhile, King Warner is just flawfree even he obviously isn`t perfect but it's a person's imperfections that make them perfect for someone else. I`m quoting Lola and the Boy Next Door


  1. Woohoo Unravel Me!! I don't think I'd be able to choose my absolute favourite of the year but Unravel Me is definitely in my top 10! I really want to read Bully because it just sounds like such a cool storyline. I really need to get a move on with my reading!
    Laura Plus Books

  2. I can't help myself. I love it to bits. And there's also Warner!

    You should read Bully, Laura. When I first started reading it I thought I was going t hate it but it turned out great. And the novella in Jared's POV is even better.