13 August 2013

These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner

These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner
Publisher: Disney Hyperion    
Publication date: December 10th 2013
My rating: 3 stars

It's a night like any other on board the Icarus. Then, catastrophe strikes: the massive luxury spaceliner is yanked out of hyperspace and plummets into the nearest planet. Lilac LaRoux and Tarver Merendsen survive. And they seem to be alone. 
Lilac is the daughter of the richest man in the universe. Tarver comes from nothing, a young war hero who learned long ago that girls like Lilac are more trouble than they’re worth. But with only each other to rely on, Lilac and Tarver must work together, making a tortuous journey across the eerie, deserted terrain to seek help. 
Then, against all odds, Lilac and Tarver find a strange blessing in the tragedy that has thrown them into each other’s arms. Without the hope of a future together in their own world, they begin to wonder—would they be better off staying here forever?
Everything changes when they uncover the truth behind the chilling whispers that haunt their every step. Lilac and Tarver may find a way off this planet. But they won’t be the same people who landed on it.

These Broken Stars has been on my to read list since January 2012 and when I saw the cover I fell in love with it. That dress, the colors, space and star-crossed lovers! I had to have it and when Disney Hyperion approved me I started reading it that day. 

The story starts with the first time our heroes meet, where Lilac acts like a snob in order to keep Tarver far away from her life. Lilac's father is the man who created Icarus, the space ship they were traveling. It was the biggest and the best ship ever made, basically fool proof until it wasn't. Lilac and Tarver find themselves on a strange planet where they start hearing voices and seeing things. 

Before I started reading this book I was expecting to read about star wars, shooting from laser guns and strange aliens. But I got a survival book which happened to be set in the future on another planet. Now, I don't have anything against survival books if they're fast paced but These Broken Stars made me put the book down so many times. If I hadn't got it from the publisher I would've abandon it a long time ago. The first 280 pages were all about them arguing, sleeping, walking, eating their rations and hearing voices. I just felt it was repetitive and didn't have any progress. 

It didn't have insta-love but it did happen too fast for my taste. Or is it that it bothers me because it started with physical attraction? They were lusting over each other the moment they met and I guess it all depends on the authors execution... If they have what it takes to write a genuine romance, not just shove it in our faces and wait for us to eat it up.  

The last 100 pages really surprised me. I didn't see some things coming and authors finally found their stride. Story finally started making sense and we were getting answers on some important questions, like what are those voices and what are they after. I only wish the book was shorter or at least the first 280 pages were. I'm well aware my review is showing negative aspects of this novel but I did like it in the end. Hope Kaufman and Spooner give us more action and less sleeping scenes in the sequel.  


  1. This story sounds interesting. I agree that the cover is stunning--it is one of the biggest reasons that I want to read this one. :)

  2. You should. It was nice. Too bad I didn't end up loving it in the end.