13 August 2013


I haven't done an OMG NEWS post since May, since the final news about Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters casting news. The latest VA related news are these promo pics my friend informed me about. I was a bit scared when I clicked on the link but when I saw them I first squealed and them flailed for a couple of minutes scrolling up and down.

What do we have here? Rose and her infamous black dress and the necklace is there too. *dies* Lucy looks pretty as Lissa and Sarah is giving me mayor Lane Kim from Gilmore Girls feels. After the initial shock of finally getting a glimpse at my favorite character I wouldn't help but laughed at loud at the students in the background. 

Zoey is so pretty. She looks just like Rose! I might die. Again! 

Anyone who thought Danila was a bad choice for Dimitri can eat heir hearts out. This Russian God! I  think when the time comes I finally get to see this movie I will be worse than those Twilight fangirls at New Moon premiere. Gah! I have so many feelings. I don't know where to start. My God! Danila's hair and Rose being all defiant. haha I love them so much. My babies. 

From what I've heard the teaser trailer is coming out this weeks so I'll post it here too. duh! Now I need some Christian promo pics. 

Disclaimer: Pictures don't belong to me. They are the property of The Weinstein Co. 


  1. I haven't really been following the VA movie process, so this is my first time seeing these stills. Rose looks amazing! I can't wait to finally see this. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. LOL I've been obsessed with it since I found out they started production.

    Full trailer is coming tonight! Can't wait to see it in only 3 hours.