19 May 2013


This is the best news ever! I was freaking out when I saw the casting. Last night we finally have the rest of the Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters.
Dominic Sherwood is going to be Christian Ozera. My baby! I love him more than Adrian. I'm so happy with the actor they chose.  Sarah Hyland from Modern Family got the part of NatalieQueen Tatiana is the ageless beauty, Joely Richardson and Gabriel Byrne is the 'noble' Victor

Another news is that Eddie won't appear till Frostbite. It sucks but they know their stuff. 

Here's a little picture Morgan (Mason) posted on his twitter account and his tweet. 

"@CameronMonaghan: When your train breaks down in the Tube, @zoeydeutch isn't bad company to have."

They seem like they're having fun and out Zoey is in top shape. Her hair is a little darker. It's happening people! It's almost time! Just a few days and they start filming. 

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  1. Mhm...why do I get the Feeling that this movie could actually turn out amazing? Acting - wise I only know Sarah Hyland from Modern Family (and I think she's funny on that Show), but Dominic Sherwood totally fits my Picture of Christian. I SO hope the movie is going to be good!