07 May 2013

Monthly To Read List: May 2013

I'm not really good at this type of challenges but I'll try anyway. This is the list of books I plan to read this month. I'm not sure I'll read even a half of them but I just wanted to make a list for the heck of it. Some of the books are sitting and collecting dust on my shelves so I figured it's time to crack them open. And some are the most anticipated May books I can't wait to get my hands on. 

Books I own on top of my TBR pile


I'm pretty sure I'm going to find the time to read Darkfever with +Tanja - Tanychy  and maybe Saving Francesca if my friend +Lynn Kho gets her copy soon. She will also probably persuade me to read Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I am interested in that book but I can't seem to find enough time to read every book I get. I'm still not sure. We'll see. 

And here are the May releases I can't wait to read


I'm most excited for The 5th Wave, The End Games, The Book of Broken Hearts, Golden and The Lucy Variations.  The 5th Wave is already pre-ordered so it should be here in the next couple of days. I also really,really want to read The End Games and The Book of Broken Hearts. Golden got some pretty great reviews so that too is a must read. I'm always up for a new Sara Zarr book, so The Lucy Variations will come up sooner or later. 
Credit for this idea goes to Nancy @ Tumbling Books 


  1. Of course we're reading Darkfever! :) I can't wait for you and Lynn to read Saving Francesca. :) Also I'll try to join you with Grave Mercy as I still haven't read it.

  2. We talked about starting Darkfever tomorrow. Gosh,I hope other books from the series arrive this week.

  3. The fault in our stars and Grave mercy <3 Two of my recent new favorites. Awesome books!


  4. Don't feel bad I suck at challenges too! So many good books up there. K.M. Moning and Partials and Daughter of Smoke and Bone are super good. I am itching to get a hold of The Fifth Wave! Best of luck! Happy reading!


    I need to re-read Darkfever...I wanted to read book 2 but I can't remember anything from the first book. >.>

  6. I would like to read them all. The Faults in Our Stars is bound to make me cry and I'm up for uplifting books right now.

    @Lynn Tanja and I can give you the summary for the first book after we finish it so you can join us/me when we/I start the second book.

  7. Wow, that's a bunch of books :) But thankfully, they are - or at least sound - really amazing! Like...all of them! And I totally agree on your new releases list. I cannot wait to read Golden. I just read an awesome review of it and...mhm...I want to read it!!!