02 February 2018

Monthly List: February 2018

Can't believe it's already February! Time sure is flying! I feel like November was just around the corner. Anyway, here's my very short Monthly List for February. I don't read adult novels on the regular anymore but some of these have caught my eye so I decided to put them on my already huge pile.


The Lucky Ones by Tiffany Reisz | February 13th
Surprise Me by Sophie Kinsella | February 13th
Gentleman Nine by Penelope Ward | February 19th 
Immortal Reign by Morgan Rhodes | February 6th


Black Panther directed by Ryan Coogler | February 16th
Annihilation directed by Alex Garland | February 23rd

I'm so excited about Annihilation mostly because of the director. I love everything Alex Garland touches. He only recently started directing but he's been a screenwriter of some one my favorite movies.

TV shows

Altered Carbon | February 2nd
Life Sentence | February 27th
UnREAL | February 26th

Two new shows premiering this month and one, epic show is returning. I recently read Altered Carbon and I wasn't so impressed but I feel like I would love the show. Lucy Hale in a CW show! Yes! Yes! Yes! I hope it's cute and can replace the place in my heart previously held by Hart of Dixie. I need a cute dramedy in my life.

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