14 December 2013

Bitten by Kelley Armstrong

Bitten by Kelley Armstrong
Publisher: Plume Books      
Publication date: September 4th 2004
My rating: 2 stars

Living in Toronto for a year, Elena is leading the normal life she has always dreamed of, including a stable job as a journalist and a nice apartment shared with her boyfriend. As the lone female werewolf in existence, only her secret midnight prowls and her occasional inhuman cravings set her apart. Just one year ago, life was very different. Adopted by the Pack when bitten, Elena had spent years struggling with her resentment at having her life stolen away. Torn between two worlds, and overwhelmed by the new passions coursing through her body, her only option for control was to deny her awakening needs and escape.
But now the Pack has called Elena home to help them fight an alliance of renegade werewolves who are bent on exposing and annihilating the Pack. And although Elena is obliged to rejoin her "family," she vows not to be swept up in Pack life again, no matter how natural it might feel. She has made her choice. Trouble is, she's increasingly uncertain if it's the right one.
An erotically charged thriller, Bitten will awaken the voracious appetite of every reader, as the age-old battle between man and beast, between human and inhuman forces, comes to a head in one small town and within one woman's body.

As a long time Kelley Armstrong fan I was excited to start her adult urban fantasy series in hopes of being engrossed with all 13 book. I was hoping to find another engaging story about werewolves with a couple of ahem steamier scenes. 

I've been reading this book for days and I came to the conclusion- I've read another version of Bitten. Not the one everyone else was reading, that's for sure. Obviously, I read the most boring version available while everyone's been having a blast and giving 5 stars to their books. 

I just can't deal with the cheating, lousy chemistry between the two main characters and the boring story line in general. Hell, Elena has more chemistry with the alpha Jeremy, who's her father figure than with Clayton Darlin' Danvers. 

I've read both Kelley's YA trilogies and while the writing style was similar, all the magic was gone. It was one dull scene after the other. I'm not sure if it's mine, the book's or the author's fault. 

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