29 November 2012

Hello! You all! Are we ready to rock?

Hi all!
Firstly a huge hug to my blog partner Zemira!
I've already been introduced so I'll just begin with the things I'd like you all to know.
We shall have nice bloggy things. Feel free to chat and come ahead with your views about ANYTHING.
Talk about books you want to read! Talk about books YOU think we should read. Introduce us to authors we know need recognition and so shall we do the same. The world is a huge place with  many people who have things to say and things to share. So express it all! I'm a totally clueless person when it comes to some fields , so feel free to suggest stuff. If you love us , we love you. We love books and if you do too? Then count us in your list of buddies. To start off on my not-so maiden voyage into the blogging world I'll be posting my review on a fantastic book I just read. The post will follow so...stay tuned?

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