29 November 2012

Bloggy News

Hello,fellow YA Fanatics! As you can see,lately I've been more active on the blog. The reason I stopped updating in the first place is because I joined my friend on another blog. You see,I don't know much about editing a blog and I've been thinking that I need to educate myself and pick up where I left because that is the right thing to do. So,here I am, after all this time finally learning how to make your blog button, header and creating other pages. I am so proud of myself. *pats herself on the shoulder*

 And here is the big news! My friend Devyani is joining me on YA Fanatic and we are going to have so much fun. I met her last year on GR and we have been living in a fairytale ever since. :) She is smart, funny,has great taste and writes this awesome reviews. You are going to love her.

 Here is something about her.

 Hi! I'm Devyani and I'm a 19 years old Social science student from India. My music tastes come from random radio stations , daddy-old-rock and discoveries from movies and TV soap operas. I have this huge obsession of buying books and stalking Jim Parsons.(The guy who plays Sheldon Cooper.) I Love LOVE chocolates and am a huge talker. I could talk for hours and hours and not tire. YA books are my usual drug but I am known for my delirious escapades into the adult realm as well.

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