01 January 2018

Reading Goals: 2018

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a great start of the year! 2018 is already off with a great start for me because all I've been doing for the past day(January 1st) is reading and listening to audio books. 

I recently read this post on Riveted and was inspired to complete some of those goals myself. Even though I lost my passion for blogging a long time ago, I still want to do something fun and challenging. I will update this post on the regular as I go through the tasks.  

If you are wondering what are my goals, please continue reading. Some are already on the Riveted's list but I wanted to put some of my own.

1. Read a book with over 500 pages
2. Finish a series you've been meaning
3. Start a new series
4. Read the sequel
5. Re-read a favorite series
6. Re-read an old favorite
7. Read a book written by an author of color
8. Read a book starring a POC
9. Read a book starring an asexual character
10. Read a book with illustrations
11. Read a book out of your comfort zone(historical,retelling)
12. Read a book recommended by a friend
13. Read an anthology
14. Read a book written by a celebrity
15. Read a book with an upcoming adaptation
16. Read a book with an interracial relationship
17. Read a book with a curvy main character
18. Read all the books from an author you admire
19. Read a book featuring an interesting hobby (sports, arts, IT genius,etc.)
20. Read a book where all the plot happens in one day
21. Read a book with a beautiful cover
22. Read a book with an ugly cover
23. Read a book you never finished
24. Read a book written in verse
25. Read a book set in a boarding school
26. Read a long graphic novel
27. Read a book about a superhero
28. Read a book with a long title
29. Read a book with a huge tumblr following
30. Read a space opera

I didn't put books featuring heavy subjects such as mental illness, abuse, racial issues and religion because I already read those on the monthly basis. Realistic contemporary novels are my jam so this wouldn't be a challenge if they were on the list.

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