31 July 2014

ARC August 2014

I haven`t written a blog post in ages. *hides behind her hair* I`ve been feeling overwhelmed with writing reviews and it just wasn`t fun anymore so I simply stopped. I didn`t want to force myself to write when I hated going through my head and putting all the thoughts on a Evernote document. I never stopped reading! I just couldn`t write reviews. 

Anyway, an hour ago I saw this great event hosted by Octavia over at Read. Sleep. Repeat. I`ve been complaining to all of my friends how I keep ignoring my enormous ARC pile so I HAD to sign up, even if I end up reading only one book. 

I made a small list of ARCs I need to read soon. Two of them have been released already and the rest are coming out in September which is around the corner. I`d be pleased if I read three of them, or even some other three ARCs because I have a huge pile. I`m not even joking. I`ve abandoned Net Galley because I couldn`t control myself with requests. So right now, I`m abusing Harper Teen titles on Edelweiss thanks to their auto-approve list. 

I`m not touching any of the 2015 ARCs I got. Especially Red Queen and The Last Time We Say Goodbye, even though I really want to read both of them. 

There will be a twitter chat August 4th, at 8 PM EST which means it`ll be 2AM in Europe. *sigh* Use #ARCAugust when chatting. 


  1. I've been avoiding my blog for the same reason. The reviews just kept piling up and I just didn't have time to write them and it became a huge chore that I didn't even want to touch so I'm moving on and starting over!

  2. Good luck, I guess? :P I totally understand the need of a break though. :)

  3. OMG, it sucks though when you don't feel like writing reviews or just...can't. :/ I hope you'll get inspired again ;) And can't wait to hear your thoughts on The Dolls!

  4. I am excited for Red Queen, kind of fell in love with the premise of the story :'D Don't force yourself in writing reviews, just relax and enjoy other things first and then that might get you back to blogging <3