06 May 2014

Top Ten Tuesday #29

This weeks Top 10's super fun! I really had hard time picking out just 10 covers because they have gotten really pretty over the last couple of years. 

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea- One of the main reasons I decided to buy this book was the cover. The dangerous cliff, the gothic font and the couple on the top just screamed buy me! buy me! 

A World Without Princes- I still haven't bought this book but I'm planing on doing it after I read the first one. I've heard there are pretty illustrations inside as well.

Seraphina- This cover has such an impressive line art. Wow! 

Every Day- I like the vision behind this cover-male and female bodies falling. And I love the break on the left side. I don't think I've ever seen something like that on a book cover before. 

Blue Lily, Lily Blue- Honestly, I could've put The Dream Thieves cover instead of this book because I love that one as well. Maggie has the best luck with her cover designs. All of them are great. 

Heir of Fire- I love the pose Celaena struck, her bow and for the first time I prefer the US cover over the UK one, mainly because of the background. I think it works better with the colors of the robe, hair and face. 

Fangirl- Rainbow Rowell. Another author with wonderful cover. I like this cover a lot because it appeals to my inner fangirl and makes me proud to be one. I just wish there were illustration inside as well because I wanted to see those two guys kissing. haha 

Kinslayer- Slayage! Badassery! I'm going to be completely honest. I bought Stormdancer and Kinslayer because of the covers. I still haven't read the books. They've been sitting on my shelf begging to be picked up. 

Plus One- Whoever designed with cover is a genius. I've actually read this book was back, before it even had the cover and once it was revealed I said to myself they did it because it matches the story really well. Boy living during the day and the girl during night time. His pink, fluffy clouds with her dark stars! Oh! Just perfect! And the gradient title is lovely as well. 

Unravel Me- At first I was mad about the cover change because I bought the original hardcover with the girl in a dress. I knew my books wouldn't match and I was so pissed! I didn't like it at all. But I did even eventually fell in love with it. 


  1. I love the Heir of Fire cover and can't believe I forgot it! Blue Lily, Lily Blue, Fangirl and Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea all made my list this week, but I have to say I think Blue Lily, Lily Blue is my absolute top pick it's just soooo.....you know?

  2. I love the cover for Plus One, the colours are beautiful :) Great picks!

  3. Everytime I see someone post Plus One on their list, its like its screaming at me "WHY HAVENT YOU READ ME YET!"

  4. Ohhhh my GOSH. Your blog is just ADORABLE. I love it so much (and your about page? Um, heck yeah to all your favourite books. You guys are all sorts of awesome) Anyway! I'm following!!

    Okay, *ahem* anyway. About the post...hehe, YES I totally agree with all your picks too! Blue Lily, Lily Blue is on mine too, and ohhh I nearly put on Heir of Fire but I almost always put that series on my TTT post for SOME reason so I'm trying not to. Haha! ;)
    My TTT!

  5. Beautiful covers! I love the cover of Plus One :-)
    New follower!