01 July 2013

Monthly To Read List: July 2013 + June recap

There are a couple of July New Releases I'm very much looking forward to. I'm not sure if I'm going to read all of them but I will read the conclusion of The Lying Game the moment I get my grabby hands on the book.

July New Releases:


I only read the first Kate Daniels novel and I will need to catch up before the release date. Thankfully, it's coming out on July 30th so I have time. Can't wait to read Left Drowning! Jessica Park wrote it! As in Jessica Park who created Matt from Flat-Out Love
You can click on the images for more details about the books. 

June was a month when I was catching up with egalleys. I did read some other books but I mainly stayed within the titles I got from NetGalley and Edelweiss.

Here are the reviews for those books:

Devyani's reviews:

Devyani read two books I was actually dying to read - Golden and The Moon and More. I didn't read any new June releases. It was so unbearably hot this month so I didn't have the patience to write reviews for all the books I've read this past month.

I didn't read one single print book. O_O This usually doesn't happen. My Playbook(Loki) wasn't opening my ebook library for two months so I was stuck reading on the laptop but he 'magically' started working again 2 weeks ago so I was catching up with some indie NA romances (which I usually end up despising) and egalleys. I was so happy I even ignored Siege and Storm. The poor thing is under the bed with my nerdy glasses. :D Don't worry Darkling, momma will be there soon.

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